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Who is to say where the inspiration for Breathing Better came from?

  • Is it the fact that houses as well as office buildings are now hermetically sealed, trapping and recycling air, and making us all feel a little dehydrated?
  • Is it that a number of us now have asthma, something that was not so common back when Mum opened the windows for the day, and vacuumed the dust and dirt out the door every morning?
  • Is it the smoko room, stinking of fug and making non smokers very unhappy?
  • Is it cat and dog smells, and hair creating allergies?

All of the above struck a chord with Doug, and he just wanted to help people breathe better.

After much research he imported his own brand and started on marketing the product, and found out more and more about the benefits of pure air along the way. We all know how much better we feel at the beach with the sand between our toes, the waves raising ozone as they crash onto the shore. With Breathing Better Air Purifiers you can bring that feeling home with you.

Doug has made it so you can enjoy all the benefits of pure air at an affordable price in your own home, workplace, or even your car, boat or caravan.

As a father and grandfather Doug sees the importance of keeping the lungs clean. This is of great benefit to our children. It is also advantageous for the elderly who often relocate to homes where they are exposed to different carpets and furniture which can produce nasty chemicals in the air.

Doug donates 10% of all his earnings from Breathing Better to local charities. A rugby league player himself, Doug is a proud supporter of the Pakuranga Jaguars League Club.

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