Purifying your environment 

for future generations

Welcome to Breathing Better NZ Limited. Helping you and your family to breathe better, cleaner, healthier air.

Our expertly designed units have been created to greatly improve air quality by effectively eliminating the most harmful and irritating particles. We prevent dust, smoke, pet dander, mould spores and environmental pollution that always seem to find a way into your home, work place or vehicle, from entering your lungs.

Our HEPA filters ensure that everybody –¬† especially hypoallergenic and asthmatic family members – can breathe easily.

Our Breathing Better solutions not only complement other environment options for the home such as HRV or dehumidifiers but also take the quality of the air you breathe to a whole new level of purity.

Look after yourself and those you care for…

Keeping New Zealand’s air quality clean and green. Our advantages speak for themselves.

Health Benefits

Keeps you, your family and friends breathing healthy, purified air – all day and all night.


Uses less energy than a PC. Great for the general environment and your bottom line.


You can’t really put a price on healthly air but our products are very reasonable regardless.

Quality & Range

Our purifiers are manufactured to a high standard and cater for all sized rooms (we even have one for your vehicle).


All our products are great to look at. Their slimline profile ensures they will not intrude on your space.