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Lounge Room Purifier

10 April 2024

Fantastic slimline unit , very easy to use and comes with a remote.

Living in an old house with a pet an air purifier is a must. I like being able to see the temperature .

Having only one filter to change is what sold me this brand.

Aaron Wells

A great solution to printer fumes

11 October 2023

Our print business was having problems with our new latex signage printer – the fumes put off by the ink and the media smelled nasty and were even causing headaches in the office.

After installing two X-Large Room Purifiers next to the printer we don’t even notice a smell any more, and the office is happier and healthier for us with nice clean air. Cheers to Doug and the Breathing Better team!

Jamie Watson

Best thing I ever did for myself.

6 October 2023

After 3 and a half years of going through emergency housing, and inhaling the black mold spores, I got pretty sick.

I didn’t even know if I’d ever recover, I had a tickle in my throat and a runny nose that seemed to last forever.

One night I was researching ways to prevent black mold and other funguses from forming/growing/spreading, and read that air purifiers clean and filter out all other air borne molecules.

I can honestly say that I’ve never been healtier, and have managed to recover fully.


Speaker Purifier

8 August 2022

I have a speaker purifier in my teenage sons room. I love it because it not only keeps my son entertained using the speaker, but it also takes the smell of B.O out of the air making his room smell better and keeps his air fresh and healthy. Bonus has really cool colorful lights that change color and lights up his room at night.


i have no pets and have an hrv in the attic plus a heat-pump.

6 July 2022

I have the lounge room air purifier in my room, it comes with a reliable little remote that has never failed(unlike ones i’ve had for other appliances) . I purchased it at least 3 yrs or more ago, i have run it constantly the whole time, its never missed a beat, a quick vacuum periodically is all its ever needed i have a Dyson vacuum so i can see the amount of dust the air filter removes from the air and believe me its a lot, my two spare hepa filters are still in their bags, without a doubt this is a fantastic machine i would highly recommend it for someone with lung issues like myself.. a very satisfied customer i am, thanks breathing better nz.

frank rickit

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